Set Dock to be always visible and on top

Hello everyone,

I am trying to have dash to dock always visible on top of other windows. I almost managed to achieve it with these commands:

gsettings set autohide
gsettings set extend-height false
gsettings set hide-delay 9999999

achieved result:

Only issue I am having now is that every time i press super and then go back to the desktop the dock hides. I tryed plank dock and it was working as I want but it has horrible touch support and I need to use it on touch screen. Is there a possibility to make it always visible and on top of each window? Please I am desperate for help :smiley:

Did you check into Dash to dock settings directly?

Yes. If I disable auto hide with dash to dock settings then it will reserver space for the dock and I can no longer fulscreen windows behind the dock.

I have just found that dock auto hides when I maximize window behind it. And when I press super and go back it hides only if there is maximized window behind it.
So to make my question right: How can I dissable dash to dock functionality to auto hide if window is maximized?

I have just figured it out. In case anyone want to achieve this functionality there you go:

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