Set default browser to microsoft edge

hey guys I am using manajro xfce
and I am facing a browser error
i am having two browsers in my pc
microsoft edge dev and firefox
i have set microsoft edge as default browser in my pc
but whenever I try to open some links firefox gets open up
i have read a lot of guides and similar topics like this on manjaro forums
but I find them extremely difficult to follow or some didn’t work for me

Please team guide me to the solution

The file .config/mimeapps.list holds entries for default applications and what to do with know filetypes/content

microsoft edge is already set as default browser in this list
but still firefox gets open up

please - no pictures - just text

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In the ~/.config/mimeapps.list file add these two lines in the [Default Applications] section:


Save the file and try again to open a link from an application.

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thanks bro
your solution worked
thanks again

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