Set custom shortcut to open the folder with Visual Studio Code

Hi All!

I would like to know how I can set a custom keyboard shortcut to open the current folder with Visual Studio Code.

Answer depends on the desktop that you are using, and if the folder is a fixed name or selected from the File Manager. Also whether this a keyboard shortcut or a desktop shortcut.

Keyboard: Most desktops have Setting for creating shortcuts.
Desktop: Most desktop, if you right-click the application or the desktop the context menu will have a option, and then you just fill in the dialog.

Search for “application shortcut desktop_in_use

cd /bla/bla/bla && code .

My bad for not including the desktop. I am using the KDE plasma and I am looking to create a keyboard shortcut.

It does have an option called custom shortcuts, but I am not exactly sure how to configure it

Look at the examples → click Edit↓ → New

I am creating a global shortcut. So what should be the command/url?
I am not looking to create a shortcut for a specific folder, but any folder in general.
So this command won’t work I guess:

cd /bla/bla/bla && code .

The home page for KDE doc is here.

I executed the following commands to find vscode’s home page (also in pamac & pamac GUI):

pacman -Ss vscode  # search
pacman -Si code    # info on package;  URL goes to github, which has a link for vscode

I use to use KDE, and I would have used the above steps.

KDE use to have short animated gifs in their userbase, but they haven’t been updated for plasma. But this 3 minute video should be helpful. The creator uses the kde menu editor. At 1:16 he clickes the “New Item”. You are able to add a shortcut too. It was the same way in KDE4.

You can’t

You’ll have to be specific - a computer cannot guess what you want