Set Atom as Default Editor on I3wm

Is there any way to make Atom the default editor and allow it to save root perm files?


Care to tell us your desktop environment? Different desktops deal with default applications differently.

I know in MATE, I can choose Atom as default application by defining this default in mate-default-applications-properties. This isn’t to say you need to be using MATE for this, it is just an example I have available to me as a user of the MATE desktop environment.


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GVFS; begin files with admin:// and you can edit anything as normal user. It will show a graphical prompt for password as if pkexec was used to open an application or like back in the good 'ol gksu days.

Regardless, if root owns it, best to leave that stuff alone unless otherwise instructed.

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My post deleted. I wasn’t aware of that and I tried and got a root prompt but opening


in Kate nor Geany works…

What am I doing wrong and where should I read up on that?

I think because it’s KDE, GNOME virtual filesystem isn’t a thing which is included? I am not sure why that is a problem myself.

Since I am too lazy to write an image of Manjaro KDE, what does whereis gvfs yield? If it’s there, then maybe geany and kate does not respect it.

whereis gvfs
gvfs: /usr/lib/gvfs /usr/share/gvfs /usr/share/man/man7/gvfs.7.gz

Yeah, Geany is pretty old and Kate is pretty dumb… (and let’s not pollute OP’s thread)

Break it off into its own thread — we should discuss this some more.


Edit ~/.config/mimeapps.list and place the atom desktop file as the first entry for the desired file types.

You can also use xdg-mime to set default application for specific file types - but editing the mime file is probably the quickest.

No (maybe) because writing files in write protected locations requires superuser permissions.

Some applications are gvfs compliant - in which case the admin: protocol will work - which means it is using pkexec to launch the editor.

Only a subset of text editors supports gvfs and gvfs doesn’t work well with KDE.

If your i3 system uses Thunar you can create a custom action when right clicking a supported file type.