Set application shortcut via command?

Hi! The problem is that while in a game (windowed) my terminal dropdown hotkey is still active.

I’m already running a script that continually checks whether I’m in the game (for doing mouse settings), so I’d like to control my hotkey in there too.

Is that possible?

Hi @xser, and welcome!

Maybe this will help:

thanks for the reply, but that’s not really what I want.

However I got an idea, instead of binding the key to the xfce4-terminal command directly I just bind it to a script where I wrap the command in a condition, checking if Overwatch is not the focused application. And, after checking, this doesnt work unfortunately as the key is blocked by the OS. The game doesnt receive the input. Seems I have to stick with my original idea of disabling the hotkey when in game.

I asked at xfce directly (unfortunately cant give link). Looks like it’s not possible to change shortcuts programatically


Then perhaps you can search for another application that manages the shortcuts? No, I don’t have examples, as I’ve never needed something like that. But I’, sure there must be something like it out there…

You can change the shortcut for a command using xfconf-query, see few examples here :


works perfectly, thanks a lot! Why wouldn’t I find this via searching …