Session & Startup files

I’m an idiot.
I thought it would be a good idea to see what would happen if i made a startup command in session and startup. The command was shutdown now…

is there a way i can boot without the session and startup stuff


Edit the grub menu entry at boot time and add to the kernel parameter. It will stop then at the basic login.

what do you mean by this? I typed in the command in the grub commandline, but same thing

When you start your PC and choose the OS (if hidden type ESC at start) and then edit the entry with E. There you add the parameter at the correct place.

So grub cannot even find the kernel on /boot ?

like this?

i did this and it still restarts the second I log in

sorry, I went to sleep because it was 3am. Sorry to be a complete pain in the ass; what am i supposed to do with those arrows and highlights? Do i get rid of that long linux line?

oh ok, so I moved that line to the end of the linux line, now I only have a server. How do I delete the files from here? As in, where are the session and startup files?

First I thought that you had automatic login and session startup enabled - but this is not the case, based upon this info.

The way to the solution is:
just don’t log in - not into the graphical session anyway …

Just switch to TTY - log in there and undo what you did.
… what to edit depends on which DE you use - you didn’t say that yet

I use manjaro xfce4. I am currently in the tty, what do I do from here? I edited my session and startup with the gui, session and startup

If I am not wrong, then the startup files are at ~/.config/autostart, so…

  1. Check the folder: ls ~/.config/autostart
  2. Show the content of the file in that folder: cat ~/.config/autostart/some-file.txt
  3. Delete it: rm ~/.config/autostart/some-file.txt
  4. OR edit it: nano ~/.config/autostart/some-file.txt
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