Serving HTML through apache2


I am trying to serve an HTML website in my local network through apache2 in my manjaro machine.

Earlier, in my ubuntu machine I used to serve the HTML by creating another .conf file in /etc/apache2/sites-available/ folder with <Directory /home/{path-to-my-html-page}>.

I tried the same method in Manjaro and it is not working. Is there something i am doing wrong. please help.


The sites-available folder is a concept found in the Debian World. If you want to load config files form this or any other folder you have to add an Include line in the normal httpd.conf file.


For any casual use you can rely on caddy - install from repo.

sudo pacman -S caddy-bin

Read the docs on Welcome — Caddy Documentation

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(and other software)i have write a python script for installing and configing the lamp stack
i think you can use that

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