Networking computers together

Hi, I need help sharing files/folders between computers all connected to the same network.

Computer 1 is a dual-boot desktop with Linux mint 17.3 and Windows XP (C: drive) as well as a second drive with 2 data partitions (E: and F: drives)

Computer 2 is a laptop (lenovo x230t) with Manjaro-Cinnamon installed.

All Windows drives are formatted as NTFS and Linux drives in EXT4. They are connected via network cables to a router. A printer and other computers/devices (some cable, some wifi) are also connected to the same router. I had no problem connecting the printer to all devices.

When I got to ‘network’ on the laptop, I can see the computer name of the C: drive but when I click on it I only see ‘Printer’? I don’t see the Linux drives nor the Data drives at all?

At a minimum, from the laptop, I would like to have full access to the data drives (E and F) on the desktop (both ways - able to add and retrieve files) and it would be nice if I could access the ‘Home’ partition on the laptop from the Linux Mint install on the desktop.
Can you help with this setup? Thanks

Good reading.


Very long document, way to complicated to understand for a nob like me and probably ‘overkill’ for the occasional file transfer between Linux boxes on the local network.
I’m looking for the Manjaro equivalent of Mint’s ‘Warpinator’ or something similar
I could be wrong, but my thinking is that because I access the Windows data drive/partition (Data-Personal) from within Mint (Its mounted at: /media/user name/Data-Personal) I do not need sharing with Windows (as it is actually not running) and thus I do not need Samba - is that correct or do I miss something?

Mint can easily access the Windows partitions because they are on the same computer.
If you want access from your laptop, you need to share the relevant folders over the network. That is what Samba is for. Although, you will need the other system running in order access the folders : you can’t access a network drive if it is shut down.
The documentation is long because it is very detailed. Just take it slow.

warpinator is available in the repositories.


occational sharing between computers can be accomplished

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