Service icon issue

Hi there again :smiley:

I’m having an issue on GNOME 40.4.0 (X11) - some of my service/app icons on the top bar are not displayed properly: they have some white overlay or so (Telegram and Flameshot in this example on the picture).


I’m using Matcha-dark-azul theme in case that matters. Any ideas how I can fix this so the icons are properly displayed?

Thanks everyone in advance!


To find out what works or what is causing this:

Does changing the theme change the icons ?

There a few extentions that help with these icons on GNOME Shell Extensions
I use the TopIconsFix extention to get some icons to show properly in the bar, example: Teamviewer.

Edit: there is a system extension installed on my system, I presume it comes preinstalled on all gnome installs: AppIndicator en KstatusNotifierItem Support that could be of use to you. It allows for custom icons and can adjust a few settings of the icons.


Thank you so much! Turning on “AppIndicator…” GNOME extension did the trick!


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