Selecting output device


Is there a way or an software that you can recommend for choosing an output device to a software that is playing a sound?

What I plan is that I want to play a two different audio device with two different audio playing. The built-in audio output is playing work and the usb sound card is playing a bg music.

Is this possible to make?

Thank you.

Try Pulseaudio preferences found in the official extra repo.

I am using manjaro-pipewire. is the pulseAudio preference can be used here?

For KDE you can install pavucontrol-qt for PulseAudio Volume Control.

The Playback tab ( pavucontrol -t1 ) allows audio streams to be assigned to different playback devices.

I install pipewire. Will this be a conflict with Pulse Audio Volume Control?

I’m not sure, maybe use timeshift and set a restore point and then try it. If it doesn’t work or if it screws something up, you restore using timeshift.

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thank you for this safety precaution.

I somehow found a solution. I’ve skim read PipeWire - ArchWiki and it recommend this helvum. it works great and does what I need it to do.

Thank you everyone for giving a time to advice some of solution.

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