Select: EMMC vs SSD

Manjaro ARM can be placed in EMMC memory or on an SSD disk.
So far, I’m using an SSD.
In which device is it best to place the Manjaro and why?

I personally chose SSD over MicroSD for lifetime and I suspect it would be the same for EMMC.


That depends on the device and the usage.

Usually you place the OS on the eMMC and data on external media.

It is quite possible to run the entire system quite well over USB-3.

Flash storage is created differently depending on the type and the operate at different speeds.

If you setup is working there is no immediate reason to change it.

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I think you mean no immediate reason to change it. Or I’m missing something somewhere, somehow…which is also a distinct possibility.

Oh, what a quick response, thank you!

Yes, I am also confused by the use of EMMC, since his the write speed is 20 MB/s, and the read speed is 45MB/s.
But the SSD disk has a write speed of 173 MB/s and a read speed of 370 MB/s.
This means that the SSD drive significantly benefits in terms of speed.

But maybe for EMMC memory has some other useful use for Manjaro ARM?


EMMC is cheap :wink:

and easy to replace (My fault, this is only if you have a socket, or can use SD-memory-cards to boot)
You could have 7 EMMC(SD only) to change your system every day.

SSD is fast :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

and robust.
But sometimes you do not need “fast” :man_shrugging:

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and easy to replace.

EMMC soldered to a printed circuit board. To change it, need special equipment and skills.

2.5" HDD is best solution, solid.

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usually yes - not necessarily - there is sockets for eMMC - one prominent example is the pinebook-pro

I think you mistook eMMC for Compactflash (CF).
I always do that. In fact, I did it here, but my answer was applicable regardless, so I left it.

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