Seems Google Chrome Hardware Acceleration isn't Working

Cpu usage is very high! Trying to use igpu of Ryzen 5 4600H. kernel 5.15, chrome Version 98.0.4758.80

Did you search the forum and followed the advice?

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yes I did

Launch the web browser using the --use-gl=desktop flag to enable VA-API hardware acceleration. [[Edit] With browsers based on Chromium 91 and newer, you’ll also need to launch it with the --enable-features=VaapiVideoDecoder flag.


More information:

Yes I did all of that.


According to the screenshot Hardware acceleration in already enabled. As discussed in your last 3 topics you have to verify the settings for VA-API by running vainfo. As that is giving you a issue consider going through this wiki page again.

Also open a youtube video and right click on it and check “Codes” in “Stats for nerds”. For me it shows vp09.... as VA-API is enabled.

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This is a different device. This laptop has amd igpu also… so va-api is working here perfectly… firefox is working fine with hardware acceleration.

in chrome dev tools it says hardware decode=false while watching utube video…so it is not working… chrome about:gpu section says hardwaredecoding is enabled

As per: How to Turn Hardware Acceleration On and Off in Chrome

If you’re looking to enable—or re-enable—hardware acceleration, head back to chrome://settings/system and toggle “Use hardware acceleration when available” setting to the “On” position. Then, click “Relaunch” to apply the change.

To re-enable, toggle Use hardware acceleration when available into the On position, then click Relaunch

Just checked in Chromium, and the option is there:

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Everything is enabled…
Firefox is working properly though. I think I am going to remove chrome & use only firefox.


and either of these flags:

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since enabling Vulkan has not worked remove “vulkan” from “–enable-features=” list and use


This worked for me. Thank you.

Yes… this worked

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