Seeking recommendation on secure cloud storage compatible with Linux

I’m looking for a cloudstorage that is encrypted the way I have all encryption keys, so that not even company selling me this service could recover data if I mess it up. Like Proton or MEGA, where my password is the encryption key.

I’m considering those as well, but I was wondering if perhaps there are more niche services that I just didn’t manage to find.

Aside from encryption there are few other requirements:

  1. It has to have app for linux, so that I could manage it not just through the browser(GUI is preferable, but not necessary).
  2. It has to offer something smaller than terabytes of storage (hello DropBox)
  3. It has a plan cheaper than 10$/month.

Hopefully there is some niche service that I just didn’t hear about :sweat_smile:
Thank you for your recommendations.

There is none … that I know of … and believe me when I say I have been around for while


  2. protonvpn
  3. protonvpn

protonvpn offers a free acount @ 1GB … what are you waiting for …

I have been using proton for vpn and mail for more than a couple of years - highly recommended

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That’s so sad.
I guess I’ll have to use Proton as a main drive then and 20GB free from MEGA for second backup of most important stuff.


It’s a shame though that storage starts at 200GB for Proton(which isn’t that big of a problem) and if I’m buying “whole package” it starts from 500GB. Too much :sweat_smile:

Check pCloud. On the other hand, nothing is stopping you to use client-side encryption with mostly any cloud provider. Which you should anyway. I don’t see a point where your password is also your encryption key.

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