Seeking recommendation for VPS platform that works well for Manjaro

Is there a VPS (virtual private server) platform you would recommend for running Manjaro?

I want to learn to set up and maintain a Web server (e.g. Nginx).

I have a DigitalOcean VPS running on Ubuntu because, at some point in the initial setup process, you were to choose from a list of distros including Ubuntu but not Manjaro. With Ubuntu, there will come a big moment when a new LTS comes out and I have to start from scratch again. (I understand that upping the Ubuntu version is possible but not recommended.)

I found a Manjaro forum article that mentioned using Manjaro as a “Custom Image” with DigitalOcean. But I’d like to get started on a VPS platform which more blatantly supports Manjaro (if there is one) or one on which is Manjaro is known to work well. Thanks.

ADDED LATER: Thanks to everyone for (a) teaching me that stability is key for a server and (b) directing me to Debian (which, on a quick search I see, is known for its stability).

If its just for the sake of learning, why not set up a Virtual Machine instead (VirtualBox for example)?

Actually, learn and use, which is to say, have a Web site out there.

If I start within LAN and try to port myself to the Internet, won’t there be issues peculiar to the transition? I might as well just start out there. My DigitalOcean plan is only $6 per month.

None. Run Debian or any other normal distro made for server use.

I used a free DynDNS account years ago to host a demo site from home. Something like that could be an option before paying out real $$; albeit only a small amount.

Here’s another one that looks promising

Thanks. Is Arch Linux a “normal distro made for server use”?

DigitalOcean have tutorials for Arch Linux, for example

I understand Arch is difficult to set up, and that would be a separate learning process. But I’d rather go through that than face having to fresh-install new versions or risk a big upgrade failing on me (with Ubuntu etc.).

Of course not.

It’s not.

Btw, if you want cheap VPS, check

No. Debian and Gnome on Enterprise Linux, for example, are commonly used for that purpose. However, you would probably be doing yourself a favour by choosing Debian.

I suppose the real question when considering Arch for this purpose is: which do you prefer; ongoing maintenance of your project, or ongoing maintenance of Arch?

Thanks again. In that case, could you briefly explain why I should run a “normal distro made for server use” or, perhaps, what makes a distro a “normal distro”?

Or maybe I should ask whether, when DigitalOcean puts out tutorials on a particular distro (in this case Arch), I should not be able to take that as an endorsement, which says, “Yes, that distro will work on our platform.”

Thanks for the encouragement. Yeah, just how hard can it be? Lots of people use it. Thanks too for the heads-up on the low end box.

Debian, and not Ubuntu? After Z, you are the second person to mention Debian in particular.

Maybe my take-away from this post should be this one word answer: Debian.

If you are looking for a vps providing manjaro OOB you won’t get far.

You may find a few with an Arch base image - they are usually not advertising this.

If you are going for a VPS, I suggest you learn how to maintain an Ubuntu image.

Perhaps one of the new derivatives replacing CentOS but that would be close to Ubuntu anyway.

A rolling release distro like arch or manjaro comes with latest package base at the cost of some stability and or manual work. And that something crashes or a breaking change occurs can happen at the worst possible time. And you will swallow that inconvenience and start debugging/reinstalling/restoring backup in the middle of your vacation. Or leave the server offline… BUT…The whole point of a server is the uptime - a service to customers with minimal interruption. You may argue you are learning now and you are not servicing anybody and the server will be on and off all the time, but at some point you will want a commercial application and realize you need another platform and half of your knowledge will be useless.

You can run anything of course, but running a rolling distro on server is not advisable.

That “tutorial” is only about changing password, adding yourself to sudoers file and editing sshd settings. So nothing special really. And as I said, you can run anything on a server, no surprise there.

Throw it in a VM and see. =) With archinstall you can have it running in a no time.

How hard can it be…well you can setup a server with 3 clicks nowadays. But at some point, something will break, or you will be hacked, or the server will be overloaded by normal use or ddos, and then you will have to start diving in config files and realize it is not that simple to make a PROPER server that is solid, stable and secure.

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