Seeking laptop configuration

Hello I would like to know the configuration via manjaro (laptop ) ?

Can you be more specific? What are you looking for in Manjaro? If it is just a setup for gaming here are my suggestions:

  • Make sure you have installed all relevant drivers.
  • Read up a bit on ‘Wine’ a tool that converts Windows application i/o into Linux ones. (Tricky)
  • Read up on the archlinux wiki gaming article.
    Hope this helps!

Yes thank you, but in reality I would like to know if I have the minimum config for game, (it’s an old pc) ?

You probably do! Linux is quite compatible with most tech even those that are old. If you really want to know post your computer’s specifications. :slight_smile:

I have managed to run half life 2 on my puny laptop just fine using wine. But all in all yes! Manjaro is mostly install and go! If you aren’t sure some research into the arch linux wiki “gaming” will help!
EDIT: Sorry for repetition

Sorry but in the specifications it’s the name of the computer that’s fine so it’s a Toshiba Satellite L750 / L755
yeah not phew but hey…

Ok (I would like to play at lol) :wink:

You will probably be able to play Garry’s Mod with a Decent Frame rate with no addons. When you have 15 to 30 npcs doing things it will start to drop badly.

EDIT: take this estimation with a grain of :salt:

Ok thanks for imformations :wink:

I put that this is the solution because otherwise it will never close
Thank you very much !

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