See release notes when Manjaro version is updated


I’ve found the various release notes in the Manjaro forums immensely helpful when significant updates happen to Manjaro, including the known issues which sometimes are critical to how I should perform an update or other information I need. These release notes are also extremely helpful for identifying new functionality which people might miss if they aren’t consistently checking the forums.

I’d like to advocate that Manjaro develop some sort of a mechanism by which those release notes are displayed to the user ahead of updating. To be clear, this wouldn’t be displayed for all package updates, just for when the Manjaro release is updated.


I dont dislike the idea - but Im grappling with how it would be implemented?
Force release announcement page to be loaded in browser?


The simplest way i see is to put a link to the notes.
The difficulty would be to put the notes online before pushing the packages to stable.


Manjaro, like it’s parent Arch Linux, uses a rolling release model which means it is continually updated.

What @philm, @oberon, and @Ste74 release are rarely more than “snapshots” at a certain point in time. Generally speaking, few “releases” offer more than new themes, if any, which can be easily installed anyway. And so it goes with anything else. If you have a fully updated system you are already running the latest and greatest.

Yes, yes, I am aware that there are idiots that re-install every time anything new is released and they are just that: Idiots.

If you have an already installed and updated system, why would you need “release notes” for a system which has yet to be installed?



I actually think rolling release software is a reason FOR release notes being more visible. People who are using it wants to know what has changed. Also, if you look at the last dozen or so iterations of manjaro, each one has between 10 and 20 known issues. Those known issues can be super disruptive to someone’s workflow if they’re unaware going into an update.


but to every specific user, it would be 1 to 3 issues, sometimes caused by your custom settings.
I think it’s user’s responsibility to check threads and report their issues after update.

you can check forum regularly or subscribe to stable update’s rss feed.


I actually agree with this. It is especially painful when people miss a few updates and have to search for the relevant thread that has their issues. Since the threads often many posts it can be time consuming.

It would be great if there was a place that pointed out common issues with each release. It doesn’t have to be a full change summary.


I hate this idea.

Part of running a rolling release distro is keeping up to date with changes coming down the pipe and understanding how your system hangs together.

The announcement thread containing an issues & workarounds post is working, provided it is actually read.

Next people will start complaining that the the release notes are not detailed enough … become a part of the community, read the announcement thread, and contribute if you encounter an issue with a workaround.

A link to all announcement threads is already included in the Octopi News tab, not sure about Pamac.

But, but, but … what release am I running now and when do I have to re-install?


Mind you, most of those issues are added to the thread after the update is pushed to stable. That’s because they’re found by users after applying said update, rather than shared and fixed during the testing phase.

As for the release notes, it might be technically doable. Though, as i don’t recall seeing such feature in any other distro, that would require work without existing base, for little to no actual gain. I mean, what those notes are about are usually putting into words which main packages are updated… :thinking:


I think there is possibly a limited case where release notes might be useful, ie where:

a) manjaro adds some new optional tools/utilities, or
b) there are some spiffy new themes or wallpapers,

in the new iso, which don’t get pulled into an existing installation via upgrades because they aren’t an update of existing packages and are not marked as a dependency of existing packages.

Or maybe Manjaro has decided for some reason to change its default application for a particular task (like long ago when default browser was not Firefox though I can’t recall what it was), or use a different desktop manager, etc.

Then the notes will let users know there are these new things, or the reasons for certain changes, which they can CHOOSE to adopt or not.

But this is more of a “what’s available” thing rather than anything really necessary for the continued running of one’s own installation, IMO.


the new aurman implemented a similar feature, showing latest news on updates from Arch before updating.


So… in light of today’s mega update meltdown… may I re-advocate this feature request? I know that people should check first, but even people who know better often don’t. Creating a great user experience means that we should actively do everything we can to promote the correct behaviors and limit that kind of damage and disruption whenever possible. If the solution really is that we need people to read the announcements as so many said, let’s please surface them in Pamac and Octopi!