[Security Update] 2019-02-13 - Firefox 65.0.1



I have built and pushed Firefox 65.0.1 to the following branches:

  • stable
  • testing
  • unstable already has 65.0.1-1
  • x32-stable
  • x32-testing
  • x32-unstable

As is always the case for a short-turnaround update, this package has had only minimal testing.

Release notes: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/65.0.1/releasenotes/
Security advisory: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/security/advisories/mfsa2019-04/

Other packages will arrive as they are built.

[Stable Update] 2019-02-09 - Kernels, Deepin, Firefox, Wine, Python, Haskell

I grabbed it and the en_gb language pack from philpot mirror and upgraded them manually from Downloads directory. thanks for the speedy turnaround and it’s working fine :slight_smile:


The fast mirrors are already synced! Thanks for the lightning speed work!

PSA: https://repo.manjaro.org/ mirror check


As always, humbly waiting for kde-opensuse version :slight_smile:.


Building NOW.
Will report back when it’s done.


Works fine on Stable and Testing (Manjaro Cinnamon). Thanks for sacrificing your time and raising your electricity bill for our safety. :grinning:


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I checked the mirrors list and always do before any update, that page is of course an awesome facility. At the time I actually downloaded the two FF packages the paint was still drying on them, none of the UK mirrors had 65.0.1 then but they do now.


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It’s flagged off-topic as this is an announcement thread and the question has been asked before:




Thank you for updating both Firefox and Google Chrome!


Finished, building my kde opensuse version, here you go:

Note: Made a few more changes to follow closer to the vanilla arch build.
Here are my build files: https://github.com/netrunner-rolling/PKGBUILD-netrunner-common/tree/master/firefox-kde-opensuse

[Stable Update] 2019-02-09 - Kernels, Deepin, Firefox, Wine, Python, Haskell

Broke my firefox profile / settings.
After updating I could not sync, since Sync refused to understand that cookies were enabled (they were).
Also, I couldn’t click on most buttons on webpages.

Solution? Delete the entire .mozilla directory in home and resync everything. Now it works fine.


Thanks for the fast reaction time!
I didn’t even notice that 65.0.1 was released…

I updated my version as well, no further changes: https://github.com/torvic9/firefox-kde-opensuse


Updated firefox-kde-opensuse, all works fine! :smiley:


In manjaro 32 xfce works absolutely fine…
Nice work…