Secure Boot Windows 11

So as Windows 11 has Secure Boot as requirement and I myself run a dual boot, I would like to request that the Manjaro team sign the necessary boot and kernel components with their own keys (so they don’t have to pay $99 to Microsoft) and just provide us with a key to enroll in our systems

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You can do it yourself


It might just be easier to keep Win and Manjaro separate, and just use BIOS boot menu whenever you want to use the lesser used OS. My knowledge of EFI, keys and stuff is rubbish, so my solution is probably rubbish as well.

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In my experience from last week the fast boot is not important, is OFF in my bios. TPM at least in my bios always was ON, no changes needed. I had no problems installing W11 in a separate drive. I did fresh installations of Manjaro and Windows latest week with only one disk connected at the time. To boot the OS that I wanted I used the boot menu of my motherborad bios.
Then I did the grub update on Manjaro and now I have W11 into the grub.
I had no issues.
For me W11 is for testing only and my version is the developer official version.
Hope helps.

you can manuelly flash windows 10 without having requirements met even on legacy systems

here is the video

Maybe someone can develop a secure-boot-support-with-one-click software?

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It seems there’re already some interesting choices. If you got here thru Google, like I did, search for foxboron on github and take a look at sbctl (secure boot key manager). An alternative is andreyv’s sbupdate. It’s available as sbupdate-git on aur.

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Probably this is the best answer to this topic at the moment:

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