Secure boot enabled after changed the internal CMOS battery

Help i have installed many updates altogether in one instance about 830 mb. After that secure boot was switched back on in my PC bios. It’s like a virus has attacked my computer. Every time i reboot or boot up from cold i get re-diverted to the F1 boot bios screen in my Asus K30AD. The CSM then gets changed and the Linux operating system management gets replaced with Windows. Its become a real problem to us. I’ve used Linux for many years and this is the first time i have seen this problem on this PC.
I changed the internal CMOS battery just before i installed Manjaro.

My updates were all done over secure WIFI – 5GHZ WPA 3 personal.

Does anybody know how to help or what to do?

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Since you changed the battery default settings got loaded. Most vendors set them to match Windows. You may check to change the settings and also check if the new battery has actually enough power to keep your selection saved. Fells like a permanent reset to defaults.


Just to be clear - No manjaro update is going to touch your BIOS.


As philm stated when you change out the battery your bios goes back to default your going to have to set it back to what you had before changing the battery.

And like philm said make sure you use a new battery.

Side note CSM is relatively new so any board that has it the original battery should not be a issue. I had a e8400 Core2Duo that I built in 2003 that I only just got rid of and it had the same battery for the CMOS as it did the day I bought the motherboard and built the system.

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Thanks Locutus
I used a new Duracell lithium battery for the CMOS. Thanks for your reply.
Only in the morning when i switch on my computer i get the boot problem. Having to use F1 then change back the OS selection button from Windows to other operating system in the bios. Sometimes i press F8 and select the hard drive just so i can boot into manjaro.
I think whats happening is that after a certain period of time say 12 hours the secure boot or bios is reset because either the power management or surrounding battery electrical components in the PC are failing not remembering my Bios settings!!

These (original) batteries do last at least 10 years some do last 20 and more. But i also bought “new ones” that did last only 6 month :frowning:

I picked up the Duracell just over a week ago from Currys PC World.

Thanks for trying to help out. I think you are right. I have a new Duracell lithium battery in the PC. I’m wondering if the PC components around the battery have failed. Maybe its something to do with the power management i’m not sure.

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