Second Monitor Refresh rate not properly working

So I installed Manjaro almost a week ago now and I can’t seem to find a way to fix this issue.

I have a laptop and a monitor. I use the laptop’s screen as a second monitor and my actual monitor as my main. This monitor has a 240hz refresh rate and it usually works fine. The problem is when I play any game, the refresh rate of that game is 60 (I guess that’s because the lowest refresh rate I have is the one on the laptop). If I disable my laptop’s screen and I open a game, the refresh rate is fixed and everything works just fine.

I tried both KDE and XFCE desktop environments and both have this problem (I would really like not to have to use GNOME and, to be honest, I haven’t even tried if it works there). I have also looked at this forum and a little bit on the subreddit. Nothing posted there worked so far.

Edit 1: Right now I’m currently using XFCE, I don’t know if that’s really important but I wanted to say it just in case.

I experience the same with XFCE whenever I have vsync running in my games. For some reason the games sync to the lower refresh rate monitor despite displaying on the higher refresh rate monitor. I always thought this was just a problem with wine/proton. But I just tested dota native and it has the same problem.
Disabling vsync works though.

I have VSync disabled. Thank you for your answer though!

If you’re using KDE, I recommend installing plasma-wayland-session and trying KDE with Wayland instead.

I personally do not have issues running a 60hz, 144hz, and 60hz monitor on X with KDE while gaming, but I know there are people who do have issue with different refresh rates, and Wayland fixes it for them due to how the protocol works.

I will try this when I get home if there aren’t any more suggestions, thank you!

Is there anything else I have to do besides installing this package and rebooting? If that’s everything, then I’m sorry to say that it did not work.

Sorry, been away.

You have to select Wayland instead of X in your Display Manager (where you log into your desktop). It’s on the bottom left for KDE iirc.

Also… just to make sure, you did go to KDE display settings GUI and set the refresh rate right? A lot of people forget to do this on Linux (and Windows). My friend was using his 144hz monitor as 60hz the past 4 years he owned his monitor, on Windows. lol

Yes, I did! The mouse and almost everything was at 240hz, it was just the game that wasn’t.

Also, I’m sorry for taking like 12 days to respond but I’ve recently moved and I dont have my monitor yet so I stopped worrying about the problem for a while.

I’m going to try to do that as soon as I get my monitor, thank you!

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