Second monitor name: "DO NOT USE RTK X EQUIP (HDMI1)" in display configuration (KDE)

I recently got a second monitor for my laptop, which works nicely out of the box with my zenbook laptop running Manjaro. However, today, when I booted up, I noticed that the monitor is identified as “DO NOT USE RTK X EQUIP (HDMI1)” in Display Configuration. I tried searching around the forums and Googling, but couldn’t find any other users complaining about seeing this. If my memory serves me correctly, the manufacturer name showed up as the display name in Display Configuration when I first connected it.

As far as I can tell, I can still use it fine, but am slightly concerned/confused about why I am seeing this as a display name.

On a side note (in case it is relevant), when I first connected the monitor, I got a message from KWin:
“Desktop effects have been suspended by another application. You can resume using the ‘Alt+Shift+F12’ shortcut.”

On the old forum, I would have posted this in the Newbie category, as I do not consider myself a very strong 'nix user.

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I’ve only ever had something similar years ago with a friend’s Cheap :tm: Crap :tm: Inc :tm: Television:

The computer detected the TV’s name as “HDMI Port” and that is what seems to be happening for you too!

Instead of giving its name to the computer it gives this weird error message so you have 2 options:

  • Contact the monitor’s manufacturer and file a bug with them
  • If it’s also a Cheap :tm: Crap :tm: Inc :tm: brand, ignore it and live with it…


Thank you for taking time to reply to my post @Fabby!

Are you saying this name is supplied by the monitor to the computer? (Something hard coded into the display?)



Well, I learned something new today! Thanks again!

I was originally worried that the display title was rather a message indicating an incompatibility (or worse, foreboding future failure).

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