Second monitor flickering

Hello, I Installed manjaro today and everything was going well till a hour or so ago when my second monitor started flicking, the flickering is like a fast layer of lines that are flickering on and off, not that bad but definity noticeable. You guys know a fix? Also it is very weird because when their is something like a web browser on the monitor it flickers on it but when I open xfce monitor display and click identify monitors the identifier does not flick? same with when I open the monitor menu from the monitor buttons so it makes me think that it is a display driver issue because anything lower then the driver does not flicker.


that could be an tearing issue… depending on using a free driver or the nvidia one, there are 2 different solutions.

Option "TearFree" "true"

and for nvidia:

Option "metamodes" "nvidia-auto-select +0+0 {ForceFullCompositionPipeline=On}"

However there are tonnes of examples in the forum. Just search it.


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Please read this:

and post some more information so we can see what’s really going on. Now we know the symptom of the disease, but we need some more probing to know where the origin lies…

An inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host would be the minimum required information… (Personally Identifiable Information like serial numbers and MAC addresses will be filtered out by the above command)
And in your particular case, the output to xrandr --verbose might be of help too.


Ok the output of --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host is:

and for xrandr --verbose the output is:

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  1. You’re on the driver: modesetting,nouveau. Have you tried the proprietary driver yet?
  2. Your monitors have the exact same frequency, so that’s OK. Is your electricity net on 60 or 50 Hz? (If you don’t know: :us: or :eu: :question: , I don’t know about other countries)


Around last year I remember facing a similar problem multiple times which I could solve by restarting my window manager. Maybe you can try and check if that helps? Might help to narrow down the problem, if it does.

xfwm4 --replace