Searchmonkey alternative for XFCE

Hi there,
I am looking for either an alternative for Searchmonkey as it simply exits with a Segmentation Fault when you run an index or alternatively a grep GUI.
The challenge is to index the internal text of the files and not the files themselves. Much like what Everything and Google Desktop search used to do.

I tried Recoll and various others but I do not seem to get anything that will index my files and make it searchable for phrases and that enable you to do searches based on all my files similar to Searchmonkey.

And before I get flamed, I know most of it can be done by grep, I simply have time challenges at present.


Isn’t catfish the default searching tool on xfce? Try that.

Also see

See File finder in Xfce / General discussion / Xfce Forums on how to integrate thunar and catfish.

Thanks, @ishaanbhimwal but been through all of those alternatives on alternativeto and catfish also does not do internal text indexing.

Try KFind. It supports internal file indexing. Add what you want to search in “Containing Text” in “Contents” Tab. sudo pacman -S kfind.

Thank you @ishaanbhimwal solution seems to have been built-in from the start. I will test and see how far I can get with it. The problem with distribution hopping :slight_smile:

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