Searching repositories from terminal?

I am trying to remember an amazing command that searched the name of packages / if they are available in the repos.

I just cannot find it!

It was something like buildpkg “packagename” or [something]pkg “packagename”.

I don’t think that it was yay. I didn’t write it down and now I cannot find it anywhere.

For example, last week I used it to search for xmrig it gave me a numbered list of all of the different packages available.

Any ideas folk?

Hi @chesc,

I think you’re talking about pamac.

  • To search for a package:
pamac search <packageName>
  • To install a package from the repositories:
pamaac install <packageName>
  • To build/install a package from the AUR:
pamac build <packageName>

To remove a package:

pamac remove <packageName>

Where <packageName> is the name of the package in question.

This could probably be answered a hundred ways … but …

find /bin/ -name *pkg

(of course that is just based upon your post)

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Pamac actually does it better - whilst the outputted list is not numbered it is certainly more readable.


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Cheers, that it actually really useful.

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