Searching by package name does not turn up package page

I used to be able to search for “Manjaro [package name]” and get to a page with instructions on installation (using pamac).

Today, I Google-searched for “Manjaro okular” and “Manjaro yt-dlp” and got these:

In case they change their contents, here is a screen capture

If I edit the address by cutting “snap” I get this

As captured:

Is there still a way to get to the old package page?

(Since I search for a package name to see whether it is available in the repository, going through the above steps and reaching the second page serves the purpose too. But it was simpler to search and get to the “old” page.)

No, its gone.
It had incorrect information and didnt provide good info such as the branch versioning that this one does.


Search the package page you already found.

We would also have bangs for this page like we do for the wiki etc. as well as for the the site-wide search… If someone hadnt been fighting me about their registration.

As it is now we have

(!manjw !manjf !mlf !manjaro)

But it would be nice to be able to

!manjp %package%


!manjaro %any-term%

(the last being site-wide, with !manjw still serving the wiki)

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