Search button on forum broken

I don’t think the “en.theme…” part is supposed to be there.

ping @codesardine.

Can’t replicate what is your browser and version?
Did you try to disable all your browser plugins?
Do you have JavaScript enabled?

Try an incognito / private tab without being logged in. I can only reproduce it that way.

It may be due to the latest discourse-search-banner commit.

@ishaan2479 The mascot image was removed and I haven’t seen it for awhile. Maybe clear your browser cache.

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Indeed. On a mobile device is fine, on the desktop not. It is a link to the advanced search. I guess a missing phrase in some language resource in the theme after forum software update.

The mascot is removed when width of page is too small, make your browser bigger :wink:

Ah, you’re right. :man_facepalming: :laughing:

I can see the same thing in Firefox v.115.0.2 ( logged in the forum ), also on Google Chrome v.115.0.5790.110 ( not logged in ) as well as in incognito mode on both browsers.

@codesardine It’s “fixed”. I just added a space character for the search_banner.search_button_text item which previously had no value. :grin:


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