Seahorse Not Working with Gnupg on XFCE

I am currently using Manjaro Xfce and have used Seahorse successfully on Linux Mint and Ubuntu. For some reason Seahorse doesn’t seem to work properly with Manjaro as far as GnuPG is concerned.

I can open Password and Keys ok and see my GPG keys listed. But whenever I right-click on a file to encrypt it there is no option in the pop-up menu to do this. Similarly, if I right-click on an encrypted file there is no option in the menu to decrypt. GnuPG commands work fine with my keys, so I can encrypt/decrypt files just fine by resorting to terminal. But it would be a lot more convenient and faster to use Seahorse.

Any ideas how to fix Seahorse?

Hello @bendipa1 :wink:

I guess you mean the file manager add-on. There is one for nemo and nautilus, but not for thunar:

LANG=C pamac search --no-aur seahorse
nemo-seahorse                                                           4.8.0-4                community 
    PGP encryption and signing extension for Nemo
seahorse-nautilus                                           [Installed] 3.11.92+66+g02c81f1-1  extra 
    PGP encryption and signing for nautilus
seahorse                                                    [Installed] 1:40.0-1               extra 
    GNOME application for managing PGP keys.

Ubuntu uses nautlius, since gnome3 and Linux Mint uses nemo as i know :wink:

So the solution would be switching to these file managers.