Sea of thieves by microsoft store on manjaro

Hello community, Im a new manjaro user, recently migrating from windows to linux, I having a lot of difficulty with everything XD, but I want to play sea of thieves here, I know that have sot on steam, but I bought the game when it was released for the first time, so I have it only on microsoft store, its possible to play it with my existing character (xbox login) on manjaro?

No, it only have windows version and .exe cannot run on Linux, you may need wine to play it.

Best and perhaps the only way to make this happen is to create a VM with a windows box to run the apps. Because of how Microsoft has the Apps packaged, they are fundamentally different and there currently is no way to port them over to another OS, even with Wine.

Handy Resources here.

Maybe in the future Wine will integrate a feature for UWP apps. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

It has a good score on ProtonDB, though Lutris only has a script for Steam.

You could try:

  • install steam-manjaro
  • enable its beta mode
  • enable Steam Play for all titles in the settings
  • add your installation of Sea of Thieves as a non-Steam game

Hopefully, this will allow you to run your Microsoft Store instance of Sea of Thieves.

How is supposed to having a Sea of Thieves installation without microsoft store and the game on steam?

I thought about this, but the performance may be terrible.

I had in mind that you could get it from the Windows side. But since you indeed told you were “migrating”, i guess that’s not possible anymore…

Just a quick FYI: I just got that game setup for one of my users the other day. It took a while to load, but it eventually did (they have a low-end laptop). Signing in with their microsoft account wasn’t an issue.

In Steam, you just need to go to Settings → Steam Play → Enable Steam Play for all other titles.
From there, you install it and play it like normal.

My user had to right-click the game in Steam and select Properties → Compatibility → Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool, and select Proton Experimental for it to work. Not sure why (protondb doesn’t have other reports of having to use Proton Experimental). If it refuses to launch at first, try that.

Game’s actually made by a company called Rare, Microsoft iso nly the publisher, not the developer.

Your best bet for running non-steam games is usually going to be Lutris, they don’t seem to have this though, but Sea of Thieves on steam uses the xbox live drm for the game and it does work so there should be some way for you to make it work, not sure how though.

It is possible you have to install the game from microsoft store on a windows installation and copy the files over though.

Maybe you can try wine 7.0-rc1 or newer version …