SDDM won't login into gnome-keyring

Full disclosure, I accidentally sudo rm -rf /var my previous system not long ago and had to reinstall manjaro. Afterwards I reinstated my previous /home directory onto the new one. Problem is, now SDDM won’t pass the login password to gnome-keyring and so I get this annoying popup to type in my GPG password everytime I login. I’ve edited /etc/pam.d/sddm to add:

auth        optional
session     optional auto_start

and now my file looks like this:


auth		include		system-login
auth		optional
auth        optional
account		include		system-login
password	include		system-login
session		include		system-login
session		optional auto_start
session     optional auto_start

Problem is, this did nothing. The arch wiki says SDDM should already have the configuration ready, but it seems not. I’ve also followed the wiki on adding the necessary changes to fish and bash config files along with .xinitrc. Still nothing. I’ve also tried editing /etc/pam.d/login as specified in the wiki. And yet, still nothing.
Before you ask, yes, the GPG password is the same as my user password. I’m out of ideas, send help pls.

uninstalling sddm and gnome keyring and its configs, then installing again could help