SDDM no longer displaying correct resolution

Until a couple updates ago, SDDM would automatically find my correct screen resolution and be sized appropriately. Now, it’s some tiny stretched out resolution. Once logged in, the resolution is fine. I have tried it with multiple themes, so it does not seem to be a theme related issue. I have also tried setting synchronization with Plasma, it does not work.

I do not want to manually set a resolution, I want to actually FIX the problem and have it be able to automatically find the correct resolution again so it works no matter what monitors are connected.

The system is using an AMD Radeon RX5700 XT graphics card, which has had some strange graphics issues in the past, so may be related.

I just wanted to comment that I managed to find the solution: an empty KVM switch (computer connected to the KVM switch, but no display connected to it) was forcing all of the displays to register as like 640x480. I’ve connected a screen to the KVM switch and it works fine now, disconnecting the switch also works.

Leaving this up in case anyone else has the same bizarrely specific problem.

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