SDDM fails to start after update (non-pro pinephone)

I recently did a reinstall of Plasma-Mobile on my Pinephone (Manjaro Community Edition). The install went fine but after I updated the phone (either though Discover or the command line) The phone would not load the GUI. After connection a keyboard to it and getting into a TTY session I found in jounalctl that SDDM was failing to start. I am seeing “Start request repeated too quickly” followed by “failed with result ‘exit-code’” in the service log. Any ideas as to why this is happening and how to fix it?

The image you installed is probably too old to update safely to the current packages. Try to reinstall a newer image. Beta 14 is already almost 9 months old by now, so try the latest Beta 15 RC:

brennana’s comment on this thread may help you.

That would be this comment:

Installing the latest RC got my phone working with the latest updates. There is an issue with pico-wizard in the latest RC but it doesn’t stop the phone from working and the GUI loads.

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