SDDM can't stop gracefully at reboot from a Wayland session


I just had a fresh installation of Manjaro KDE, and then upgraded all packages and installed plasma-wayland-sesson. But every time rebooting the system from Wayland session, SDDM can’t be stopped by systemctl gracefully and have to wait for 1m30s. If I switch to X11, log in and out, and log in to Wayland again and then reboot, both SDDM and User Manager can’t be stopped normally, having to wait for SDDM to stop for 1m30s and User Manager for 1m49s.

Is this a known issue and any suggestion? Thank you!

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This is a known issue which will be fixed in an upcoming Plasma release. In the meantime, you can log out first, and then click the reboot icon on the login screen.

Could you provide a link?

Which version?

The fix is in the master branch. I don’t know how long it takes until it goes in a stable release.


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