SDDM autologin override

I recently received a Infinitybookpro from Tuxedo Computers pre-installed with Manjaro and it’s great, but I’m having a problem where I accidentally checked autologin on configuration and now I am trying to override it. I have tried solutions like in this post

however overriding autologin by simply commenting out the lines didn’t stop the autologin from happening. Moreover changing the autologin session has no effect. I would like to disable autologin because I am trying to move to a different window manager and I like to have the option on the log-in screen.

Mother Google suggests you review this…

I should have mentioned. I’m using sddm and kde-plasma, not xfce. moreover I have followed those steps however it has not worked, please see the problem I mentioned the original post, as that is the solution you have posted I think?

Go to System settings → Startup and Shutdown → Login Screen (SDDM) and find on the bottom Behavior button and uncheck autologin.

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Thank you! I would not have spotted that. Thank you so much!

Sorry, I’m afraid I’m having problems with applying the behaviour. I unchecked the box and clicked apply and the checkbox reverted to being checked after I entered my password. I’m having the same issue when I’m checking boxes for, for example, changing the background for sddm. Any idea what might be causing this? Thanks

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