SDDM always crashed while OS preparing PC to shutdown

Just to realize a share of the problem: do you have the sddm crash after you selected to reboot/shutdown a PC?

I went at least 20 last boots and in every I saw the same: right before to reboot I saw sddm's crashes:

journalctl --unit=sddm.service -r -o short-monotonic --no-host -b -20

Note that -r means reverse order, so last events will be in the top
Try to change -b from -1 and down to some number, do you see the same?

[63243.302832] sddm[533]: Removing display ":0" ...
[63243.300303] sddm[533]: Running display stop script  "/usr/share/sddm/scripts/Xstop"
[63243.300155] sddm[533]: Display server stopped.
[63243.122241] systemd[1]: Stopping Simple Desktop Display Manager...
[63243.095363] sddm[533]: Display server stopping...
[63243.095295] sddm[533]: Socket server stopped.
[63243.095222] sddm[533]: Socket server stopping...
[63243.095148] sddm[533]: Auth: sddm-helper exited with 15
[63243.094745] sddm[533]: Authentication error: "Process crashed"
[63243.090574] sddm[533]: Auth: sddm-helper crashed (exit code 15)
[63243.072129] sddm[533]: Authentication error: "Process crashed"
[   27.678113] sddm[533]: Session started
[ 9083.065847] sddm[587]: Auth: sddm-helper exited with 15
[ 9083.065794] sddm[587]: Authentication error: "Process crashed"
[ 9083.065734] sddm[587]: Auth: sddm-helper crashed (exit code 15)
[ 9083.065443] sddm[587]: Authentication error: "Process crashed"
[   27.716767] sddm[587]: Session started

Looks like it is an old problem: Using KDE, sddm-helper crashed (exit code 15) during shutdown / Applications & Desktop Environments / Arch Linux Forums

I wonder, how usual is it for us: Does the sddm crash for you?

  • Gnome. Almost always.
  • Gnome. Rarely.
  • KDE. Almost always.
  • KDE. Rarely.
  • XFCE. Almost always.
  • XFCE. Rarely.
  • Budgie. Almost always.
  • Budgie. Rarely.
  • Cinnamon. Almost always.
  • Cinnamon. Rarely.
  • Deepin. Almost always.
  • Deepin. Rarely.
  • i3. Almost always.
  • i3. Rarely.
  • Mate. Almost always.
  • Mate. Rarely.
  • Sway. Almost always.
  • Sway. Rarely.
  • A DE on ARM. Almost always.
  • A DE on ARM. Rarely.

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