Scrolling always changes volume on every web video player (weird scrolling behaviour)

For example in Steam scrolling the left side library causes it to select every third game making looking for a game very distracting. On Chrome in Apple Music I can’t scroll without clicking on a song in a playlist or on YouTube scrolling changes the volume by default if I don’t click on whitespace beforehand and if I clicked on the progressbar scrolling causes it to fast forwards/backwards a few second.

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This is the normal behavior on YouTube. If for instance you click the pause/play button, then you can use the space bar of your keyboard to toggle play and pause, while the normal behavior of the space bar would be to scroll down. Likewise, the arrow keys will also act as fast-forward/rewind keys once you’ve clicked the progress bar.

The behavior in Steam and Apple Music does however seem specific to those applications/venues, and I cannot comment on that because I use neither Steam nor Apple Music.

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Edit: Reinstalling Manjaro has solved this. I think it had something to do with imwheel but im not sure.
@Aragorn Thanks for the reply!

That’s not what I mean. All of the instances happen when I do nothing except scrolling, not even touching the keyboard. It’s like when it selects things from a dropdown menu automatically by scrolling, but everything is seen as a dropdown menu.

For example if I scroll on the YT video page it scrolls extremely slowly while simultaneously making the volume lower. This also happens in fullscreen or after exiting fullscreen with F or the exit fullscreen button.

It only scrolls faster once I click on the whitespace. If I click on the progress bar and then do nothing but scroll 5 minutes later it will jump forth/back in the video depending on what direction I scroll.

This also happens on Firefox and without any extensions.

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