Scripting addition to Categories section

Having a category section dedicated to scripting would be lovely. I’m sure that there are other users on here that might also find that very helpful when needing to reach out for help in resolving an issue directly related to running scripts on their computer.

This is the Manjaro support forum and that’s it’s only purpose. There are already plenty of places for help with general scripting / programming questions.

Having said that, we do have a Member Hub for Trust Level 2 and above members where general discussion is allowed.

Such as? The only places I know of is the Arch forums (useless) or stack exchange, which never has what I’m specifically looking for.

That’s the Arch Linux support forum. Guess what it’s purpose is? :wink:

If you use Arch Linux (Manjaro is not Arch) and post in the right section of the forum, it might be fine. However, if you don’t, you’ll soon find out what happens to those that ignored the rules they agreed to when creating an account on the forum.

Yes, that’s one place. One of their many sites should suit your needs.

As I mentioned, once you earn TL2 here, you’re welcome to post in the Member Hub.

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