Scripting a Double Click?

An arcane question, but running Manjaro Phosh with xfce desktop on a PinePhone, my WINE HanDBase database program doesn’t open its databases in full screen, and there is no keystroke for full screen (full screen commands set up in gsettings work only for the HanDBase program itself, not its open databases).

The phone’s touchscreen is small and the databases’ window title bars are extremely hard to double click with a finger (to make a full screen).

Would it be possible to put the cursor over the databases’ window title bar, then run a simple keystroked script that generates a double click?

Or is this just too obscure :slight_smile:

See this:

On X11, there is also the good old XTEST extension:

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Thank you for the links. Makes for interesting reading but I’m uncertain how I can put the information into a script/double click.

The xdotool you have already been using to simulate keypresses can also send mouse events. (I believe it uses XTEST under the hood.)

It shall be noted that that tool is X11 only. Not many people are running X11 on the PinePhone, because the mobile desktop environments all (except SXMO) target only Wayland. But you apparently do.

You put me on the right track, thank you. (and I am indeed running X11 in a debian container)

Placing the cursor over the window title bar of an open HanDBase database, then running this keystroked script:

sleep .5
xdotool mousedown 1
xdotool click --repeat 2 1
xdotool mouseup 1

produces a double click, thus a full-sized window. I’m marking your last post as the solution, since I wouldn’t have figured out these commands without your help.

Thanks again.

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