Script at shutdown

Hi there,
I use Luckybackup to back up my data. It allows to schedule an automatic backup (using cron) at startup or with the usual hour-day-month scheme.
I would like to have the script run automatically before shutdown instead.
Does anyone have an idea how to do this?
I use manjaro with KDE

HI @old_al,

Just yesterday, there was a similar question:

Hope this helps!

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Read also the last message in that thread, because the solution is a combination of the last two messages.

Thanks but I am a newbie. This solution is too complicated for me.
I have found a solution using Kde:
Kde → system settings → workplace → start&shutdown → add script on exit
(translation from italian menu, maybe different from english)


I am also a newbie.
I’ve learned that many tasks seem to be much more complicated than they really are.

I installed Timeshift and make backups of the system from time to time.
After that, I’ve done many things with a very bad result.
That utility has saved me many times.
In the meantime, I’ve learned a lot, but I still consider myself a newbie.