Scribus 1.5.7-7 Cannot install due to missing dependency

I am quite new to Manjaro and am using the Add/Remove Software program to install Scribus. It shows version 1.5.7-7. I then choose both of the optional dependencies for Scribus (tk: scripts based on tkinter and hyphen-lang: hyphenation patterns for desired languages). It then says “target not found: hyphen-lang”. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You

If i read well, hyphen-lang is a virtual package, so it may refer to any hyphen-* localized package (like hyphen-en).

Thanks maycne, I have now installed hyphen-en. Do I now not select the hyphen-lang optional dependency ?

Actually you shouldn’t select it, since Pamac may be looking for an actual package with this name.
hyphen-en will be used anyway now it is installed.

Thanks, Scribus now installed. I will give it a test.

Test seems to be hyphenating fine. Making this as Solved.Thanks.

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