Screwed up colors after sleeping or rebooting

I have no clue what happened. A few weeks ago, I installed a bunch of updates, about 2 months worth. Since then, after a reboot, all the colors are occasionally really messed up like the video ram is completely corrupt. I would say the it’s inverted, but inverting the colors just makes it worse. I can’t really read any of the text so typing console commands means typing blind.
If I let the screen fall asleep, it always wakes up correctly. I would suspect a bad video card, but it’s fine in grub, the login screen, and Windows is fine too. Yes, I have dual boot. Rebooting doesn’t fix it. The only solution seems to be letting it fall asleep.
I didn’t use this laptop for almost 2 months, not much traveling these days, and when I pulled it out again, both Manjaro and Windows had to install a million updates. I have no doubt it’s one of these hundreds of updates that is causing this. (I’ve installed a lot of updates since then but none of them have changed anything except the Minecraft launcher won’t update. But that’s a totally different issue.)
Acer Aspire V15
Intel i5-6200U
Intel HD 520 Graphics
16gb DDR3
500GB Samsung Evo SSD
Manjaro Linux with XFCE
Windows 10 v. 2004

Last note of potential importance: I do run Compiz with all the visual bells and whistles. 3d Cube rotation should never die.