Screentearing in latest Firefox 94.0 version

I am using the latest version of Xfce Manjaro.

With the latest 94.0 update from Firefox, I suddenly got annoying screentearing, when watching videos but also when scrolling websites. Screentearing is a visual artefact, often visible when the camera moves up and down or when you scroll up and down.

I am so glad that I found a simple solution, that I wanted to post it on the forum in case anyone else has got similar problems.

Go to settings editor
Go to xfwm4 and select it.
Then scroll down to “vblank_mode” and select it.
Press edit and write “glx” in the “value” field.
Save and reboot.

I hope this solution will solve your screentearing problem as well…

Generally speaking the glx backend of the xfwm compositor is associated with screentearing.
(the newer ‘xpresent’ is generally preferred … and some people just ditch the compositor for another)
These settings are also extremely hardware or case dependent.


If you use Intel graphics and you have already enabled “TearFree” option in Xorg config as described in Intel graphics#Tearing, then disable Synchronize drawing to the vertical blank option.

But glad this works for you. I will also leave this: