Screenshot dialog box not showing on Cinnamon

I use both Linux Mint and Manjaro on my systems. I want to switch from Gnome to Cinnamon Manjaro on one of my system.
I use screenshot utility on my Linux Mint frequently. When I press pntscrn button alone or with Shift and Ant key, it shows proper dialog box to take action. And I love to copy the screenshot from the UI and use it instead of saving every screenshot on system.

When I open screenshot utility from menu, it opens and shows the dialog box after taking screenshot… but not with keyboard shortcuts. I tried to match the shortcuts with mint keyboard shortcuts and they are all same.,

This kind of thing is missing on Cinnamon Manjaro. There is same gnome screenshot utility version 41 installed on both Mint and Manjaro but Manjaro version is missing the dailog box or UI. I tried from terminal but no luck. Searched entire net but no luck so posting here as a new topic.

Hi @Mayanktaker,

I don’t know Cinnamon, or Gnome, actually. But you could always try Flameshot from the extra repositories:

$ pamac search flameshot
flameshot  12.1.0-3 [Installed]                                                                                                                                                                                                                         extra
Powerful yet simple to use screenshot software

So can be easily installed with:

pamac install flameshot

Hope this helps!


OK, so apparently Cinnamon doessn’t have its own, dedicated screenshot utility:

The default installation of Cinnamon does not provide a screenshot utility. Installing gnome-screenshot will enable screenshots through the Menu > Accessories > Screenshot or by pressing PrintScreen.

Source: Screen capture - ArchWiki

So that actually sound like a good alternative.

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The command you are looking for:
gnome-screenshot -i
assign a custom keyboard shortcut to this command as you like (Super + Print is free)
Btw almost all of these modes are present


The problem is they are not showing the gui. Suppose I am taking custom selection screenshot, it show show a pop up like this -

But its not showing anything and saving automatically.

Flameshot looks so promising. But I am addicted to in built screenshot utility. Surely gonna try this on my Manjaro coz currently the inbuild utility is not working as expected.
Thanks for the instructions also. Gonna try right now!! <3

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I see
gnome-screenshot -ia
Screenshot from 2023-11-04 18-54-05
seems to be OK for me.
If there is no other option read the help for the command.

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I recommend Shutter for screenshots. Great built in editor as well. I have also used Flameshot in the past, but I always come back to Shutter.

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