Screen won't stay off when turned off via Power Management KDE

Hello, I am having an issue with the “Turn Off Screen” feature in KDE’s Power Management.
KDE 5.27.10
Kernel 6.6.7-4
AMD Graphics (linux-video)?
Stable branch (Though there are still some unstable packages that I can’t downgrade right now.)

The issue is very similar to the one here Can I find out what is turning my monitor back on (Wayland)? Reboot!

Though the original poster reportedly solved it with a restart. I have run the command they provided as well and got the response below

method return time=1703287910.094941 sender=:1.10 -> destination=:1.393 serial=2946 reply_serial=2

I couldn’t find too many other people with this problem, so I have to try asking.

I would really like to figure out what keeps turning the screens back on. They will turn off and on repeatedly if I set the timer to X amount of minutes. It turns off for a few seconds then comes back on.

Which kernel are you using? Try 6.6 if you haven’t yet.

Why can’t you downgrade them? :thinking: Sounds like you’re in an unsupported partial upgrade state to me.

Please post your system info as outlined here:

Ah, I knew I forgot a detail, sorry about that. I’m using 6.6.7-4. I will update my original post with that.

I can downgrade them, I just didn’t think it was necessary, I figured they would be updated soon enough to match the unstable versions I have installed. They don’t seem to be doing any harm. Unless you suspect they are responsible?

I looked around more and found that a workaround to this is disabling my monitor’s auto-input switch feature. It fixed my issue. Leaving this here in case someone else finds it via a search.

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