Screen Tearing with full screen youtube videos with Modesetting driver

Hello Guys! I was getting screen tearing while scrolling on the pages in firefox so I switched to modesetting drivers and it resolved that issue but it gave me another issue where the screen tearing only occurs when watching youtube videos in full screen, I tried switching to Wayland and that resolved that issue but again it introduced new issues like the animations and switching between apps became very laggy and choppy so I switched back to x11 and everything works smooth except for the screen tearing issue on the youtube videos when watched on full screen, I’m using gnome version of manjaro and running it on a 10th gen intel chip. Any help is appreciated Thanks!

Have look here:

That should solve the tearing problem on intel chips.

So before doing this do I need to switch back to the intel driver from modesetting? If it is so then I’ve already tried this with the intel driver and unfortunately it didn’t work. I’m not getting any screen tearing on the GUI, It only happens while using browser regardless if it is firefox or chromium.

Ok so it is only the browser? Then there are some easy tricks.

Firefox for example:

  • Type “about:config” on the address bar.
  • Search for layers.acceleration.force-enabled (default is false ).
  • Change it to true by double-clicking.
  • Save and restart Firefox.


  1. Launch your Chrome/Chromium/Opera
  2. Type chrome://flags to the URL field
  3. Enable the following flagOverride software rendering list Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android

Override the built-in software rendering list and enables GPU-acceleration on unsupported system configurations.

Now restart the browser and then check chrome://gpu.


Okay! That works thanks! :smiley:

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