Screen tearing when display rotated 90 degrees

When I set one of my displays to be vertical (by setting orientation in display configuration to 90 degrees clockwise), there is screen tearing on all monitors. However, when all monitors are not rotated, there is no screen tearing present.

I am on Manjaro KDE 5.14. I am using the 470 drivers for nvidia on a muxless laptop (Dell XPS 15 7590).
I am using X, not wayland right now. All the monitors are at 60 Hz. Currently, I am connecting the monitors with an hdmi and vga (the monitor connected through vga is being rotated) but I am getting a display port to hdmi adapter soon to see if this fixes the issue.

I tried changing rendering backends for the compositor but this did not fix the issue. Rotating the display to any orientation causes screen tearing on all monitors as well. I also noticed someone had a similar issue but different hardware: Severe screen tearing after rotating a monitor 90 degrees - #5 by rekriux - on using Fedora - Ask Fedora. Didn’t really seem like they found a solution though.