Screen Tearing Problem in i3wm

I’m facing screen tearing problem whenever I watch videos on mpv or scroll through articles or search results in browsers
Can anyone help me in this?

Im using i3wm with ryzen 5 3rd gen cpu and 2gb integrated amd-radeon gaphics and 4gb nvidia external graphics card

Share your i3 config file and output of inxi -Fazy.

Here is the output of inxi -Fazy

And here is my i3 config file

You don’t have a compositor (probably because you didn’t list your autostarts)

picom is your keyword to look for in the Arch wiki

adding picom to my autostart script will fix my screen tearing problem?

Probably. If it doesn’t see this video as you have a Nvidia gpu.

The person is having Xserver display configuration option in his nvidia-settings

which is not there in my nvidia-settings

Edit - I think your problem isn’t related to GPU. Have you tried picom yet? See picom - ArchWiki

I ran these commands to generate a xorg.conf file as described in that forum and rebooted the system

But no change in the nvidia-settings

yeh I added this command in my autostart script as given in this forum

picom --experimental-backends --config $HOME/.config/i3/picom.conf &

but it didnt worked :confused:


I accedently directly copied the /usr/share/doc/picom/picom.conf.example directly to ~/.config/i3/ without renaming it to picom.conf :sweat_smile: .

So thats why picom was not starting. Renaming that picom.conf.example file to picom.conf started picom and my screen tearing issue solve :slight_smile:

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