Screen Tearing on 2D steam games even with v-sync

Hello, I am using Manjaro GNOME and I have screen tearing near the top of the screen.

This so far only in 2D games.
The games I have tried are Bomb Chicken, Factorio and Terraria.

I am running an Nvidia GTX 1050 ti with the 455x drivers installed and an Intel i5 6500.

I do not have any screen tearing on the desktop and I don’t get any screen tearing on 3D games when v-sync is on.

I don’t know about GNOME but in KDE I needed to do it like that to have good experience in web browser, video players, and games Fix screen tearing on KDE with Nvidia - Album on Imgur but maybe you could check with google if GNOME has maybe other tweaks. Also the WIKI is usually a good place to find some tweaks.

Did you try a very long web page where you scroll down more and more quickly to see if at some point you got horrible tearing? Wikipedia or big announcement threads here is good for testing.

Thank you so much. Enabling force full composite pipeline did the trick.

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