Screen tearing, flickering with video-nvidia-450xx and nvidia gt 710

I just installed a new graphics card (Nvidia gt 710); I’m running 5.8.11-1-MANJARO with the video-nvidia-450xx driver, automatically installed. DE is Plasma (5.12, I think, up to date as I reinstalled from flash drive yesterday).

Trouble is, I get screen tearing, flickering, and general artifacts over and again, especially when there are windows that don’t fill the whole screen or when a small window is in front of a bigger one (such as when installing fonts); dialog boxes are most affected.

Does anyone know what I can do about this?

Thank you so much!

I am a noob here but had kinda same issues days ago with my RTX2070 and 450 nvidia driver on KDE desktop. Finally a reinstall solved it to me but temporarily the Compositor settings fixed it too, here:

Honestly, before reinstall I had to set the scale method to Accurate and Tearing prevention to Full screen repaints and also I had to enable Force Full Composition Pipeline at Nvidia panel to get rid of the tearing, but since reinstall my settings are as follows, that you see here in the screen prints and zero tearing since than.

Also, someone said that you may need to manually force enter the resolution of your screen here on this panel (instead of auto as I have…) and maybe you gotta save the config manually as admin but I am noob to explain that part.

You gotta play with these two panels, their settings to see if helps. or a pro will help for sure or worst case a reinstall like in my case.

Thanks a lot, @Easthee. I, too, played around with the Nvidia XServer Settings, and the problem does appear to have been solved.
I strongly expect this to be a hardware-dependent issue, ie it depends on your screen what precise configurations you need. For my ancient Yuraki, manually syncing to the one I’ve actually got instead of going “all-auto” seems to have done the trick -same as you, really.

See you around, and have fun with Manjaro.

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Not at all really. I am a 2 weeks noob here and this Manjaro community was exceptionally helpful and non toxic with me too. Linux is not like Win where you can surely solve almost everything if you click by the mouse for a long enough time, Linux works only if connected online to other users and to Google :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Painful :smiley:

You are right, its kinda fun too, so cheers! :slight_smile:

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