Screen tearing at login

Is there a way to avoid the screen tearing in xfce i always see the login background for a few seconds after logging in. (Host / KVM makes no difference)

I can’t reproduce, so there must be a way.

  • xfce, lightdm, lightdm-sttings, lightdm-slick-greeter, same wallpaper for login and background.
    That’s all and no screen tearing, no pause.

That is the different on my setup I have different wallpapers

Have you tried a shared wallpaper ? Is the screen tearing gone then ?

are they in different folders/places ?

Yes they are in different folders. But I also tried to use the same wallpapers for login and desktop.
But glitch is seen anyway.

Could also be a bug or something in Mesa?


In the video it looks like your login screen has a different resolution. Am I wrong?
I am using mesa-nonfree, amd ryzen thinkpad.

That looks exactly what i am experiencing, for quite some time. And what i attribute it to is that screen initialization happens before other parts have finished their initializations and they get applied

This is probably my biggest issue at this time, as such glitching at every boot does not look nice.

There was previosu work to “glitch free boot” by removing grub menu, plymouth etc. and all issues it caused mede them be reverted. Yet no real effort has been put towards this issue, even when it should be trivially reproducible by any developer.

This is because of KVM. Host has the same issue. I mean the glitch. I use mesa-nonfree as well.

Just a guess. Some time ago plymouth was added. Maybe it is missing correct implementation. I have seen these glitches, but that was years ago.

seems to be a normal behavior under debian same.

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