Screen tearing and flashing with Nouveau and an Nvidia card

Need help with how to solve or troubleshoot screen tearing and flashing with Nouveau and an Nvidia card. (note: I had no issues when using Nvidia drivers 340, but those are now discontinued and I had to switch to Nouveau.) Icons on my desktop flash often, and I notice it a lot when using projectM. It’s horrible on my eyes. I was going to attempt to change compositors in Manjaro settings, but I see that option has been removed. Been trying to solve this issue for over a month now unsuccessfully.

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There was never any such option in manjaro-settings-manager
Do you mean Plasma System Settings ?
(where you could change compositor backend … but not compositor itself)


I switched to KwinFT a couple of weeks ago with good results. Like you I could no longer use Nvidia drivers and had to switch to Nouveau. You will probably also want to install the Wayland protocols. I am still using X11, btw.

A note of caution. If you use multiple monitors KwinFT may move your panels around. But that is easy to fix. Just do not panic. Good luck.

That sounds right. Are you going to offer me support?

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Sure. Question. Xrender has been removed from Kwin. KwinFT puts it back. Had you been using xrender?

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I also do have flickering and flashing with some programs (chromium, zoom, …). But this is only when using kernel 5.15. As soon as i use 5.10 all problems are gone.

What kernel do you use ?

On another note……I see you work with music and audio. Are you using a RT kernel? That may help your system work better.